Rapid detection of microorganisms

Our vision is that consumers worldwide benefit from water and food which is free from microbiological contamination. A crucial step towards realizing that vision is to detect various pathogens in a quick and accurate way. This is why we developed a technology that delivers fully quantitative test results at an unmatched speed.

Our customers in the water and food industries will realize significant financial benefits using our rapid microbiological test platform and make the world a safer place.

Water Pathogens

Hundreds of millions of samples are tested each year to detect harmful bacteria in drinking and environmental water. Still, harmful bacteria in drinking and environmental water cause disease and lead to enormous economic damage. Water distributors, cooling towers, hotels and hospitals are struck by regular outbreaks of harmful bacteria and have to stop operation until the source of contamination can be located.

rqmicro develops specific test kits to rapidly detect waterborne Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Giardia spp. and Cryptosporidium spp.

Food Pathogens

The safety of food and beverage products from harmful bacteria is only guaranteed through extensive microbiological testing conducted at several instances in the food supply chain. More than a billion of tests are conducted each year to assure the safety of food and beverage products from harmful bacteria. Still, food producers face increasing problems as half of all food recalls are caused by microbiological contamination. However, current test methods leave inventory worth millions of dollars stuck in quarantine and do not prevent regular food recalls.

Salmonella, pathogenic E. Coli, Listeria, and Campylobacter are among the pathogens for which rqmicro develops specific test kits.

Customer Benefits

Test time: 1 hour instead of 3-10 days
Slow tests cause significant costs in food supply chains and delay outbreak localization. rqmicro’s rapid test technology produces results at an unmatched speed in complex samples.

rapid pathogens test benefit - time to result

  • Sample filtration using markers
  • Antibody bead complex conjugation
  • On-chip sample separation


Test resolution: 1 cell instead of >1000 cells
Inaccurate tests cannot prevent outbreaks and food recalls. rqmicro’s fully quantitative single cell count solution creates peace of mind.

rapid pathogens test benefit - specificity and resolution

  • Single cell count
  • Detection viable but nonculturable (VBNC) cells
  • Total cell count and viable cell count (TCC, VCC)


Test operation: 1 step instead of many
Complex and manual test workflows require qualified personnel and are prone to operator bias. rqmicro’s test platform is fully automated and produces consistent results.

rapid pathogens test benefit - convenience and ease of use

  • Consistent results due to the elimination of operator bias
  • Automated one-step operation

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