Microbiology redefined

rqmicro developed a new separation and detection technology for microbiology in the water- and food-industry that delivers accurate results in less than 1 hour.

By immunomagnetic separation and concentration of bacteria from any sample matrix and subsequent quantification on a single cell level,  we achieve superior test performances at unprecedented time. Our high-quality standards for products and services ensure reliable and fast results. Common methods in microbiology need up to 14 days to give you semi-quantitative data. A waiting time that takes time and money. rqmicro reduces this delay significantly by providing unequivocal, quantitative results and makes you capable of acting immediately. Thus we enable you to be your customers most valuable partner in the water and food sector.

Our customers benefit from

  • ultrafast separation of microorganisms from complex samples
  • real-time detection and quantification
  • automated workflow, easily integrated into your daily routine

Benefit from our technology now by sending us your samples and getting a total cell count, viable cell count, and accurate Legionella SG1 count (incl. viable/dead count) on the same day – or be among the first to conduct your own tests by expressing your interest to pre-order our CellStream instrument or our Legionella pneumophila SG1 Kit on sales[at]rqmicro.com or read more here.
rqmicro CellStream instrument

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