CellStream – Sample Outputs

Raw data

Example green versus red fluorescence dot plot of a Legionella population spiked into tap water. The high grade of purification of the CellStream instrument allows for excellent separation of background to noise.


Live / dead

Example green versus red fluorescence dot plot of a Legionella population while exposed to heat.

The time stamp on the top left shows the sampling sequence in minutes in a  time-laps of a 70°C heat killing experiment.


Example application

In the example below, the water system of a hospital was periodically flushed during 14 days  with hot water in order to eliminate a high Legionella contamination. By using our rapid Legionella testing service, it was possible to closely monitor the progress of the disinfection measures.  Like this, it was possible to adapt and optimize the process, until the result was satisfactory. By conventional means the first testing results would have been available after 14 days, at which point our customer had peace of mind already. An accurate and fast monitoring of hygienization measures with our technology may save you time and money and protect you from the risk of having the often undetected VBNC-state Legionella cells.

Legionella rapid test example, desinfection on hotel drinking water system



Legionella pneumophila SG1 kit


Low detection limits and very high recovery rates characterize rqmicro’s tests.


rqmicro test has an excellent correlation to plating and a detection limit of 20-40 cells per liter.

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